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10,000 Pageviews Per Month with Only 36 Articles

Featuring Jackie, a customer of Epic Ranks.

Jackie came to us in October 2020. She wanted a website in the home space and an audience to go with it. She knew a small amount of SEO but wasn’t comfortable to start yet.

After we spoke, I showed her our process and how we grew several sites. She was on board.

We designed Jackie’s website and we made her a customized SEO plan.

Here’s her story.

TimelineNumber of ArticlesResults
Oct 202000 Pageviews
Mar 2021141,000+ Pageviews Per Month
Jan 20223610,000+ Pageviews Per Month
Jackie website google anayltics

Starting Out (Months 1 to 4)

After delivering Jackie’s web design and SEO plan, we suggested she start sooner rather than later. The quicker you have quality articles, the quicker you get traffic.

We told her that in our experience, it’s reasonable for a website to receive around 6,000 to 15,000 monthly pageviews with 30 articles.


The only problem was that our SEO Service was fully booked, and while we could deliver Jackie an SEO plan, we didn’t have a spare SEO writer for her at the time. Jackie was also working a 9-5, so she could only write on the weekends.

However, she was still able to consistently write 2 to 4 articles per month.

While she had limited time to complete the SEO plan, she was persistent with her articles. We had several calls where we reviewed her progress and asked her to trust the process.

Seeing Progress (Months 5 to 9)

Jackie website google analytics october to march

By March 2021 (month 5), the website started to see some liftoff. At this point, Jackie had published 14 articles, with about 10 of them being old enough to start ranking for keywords on Google.

It takes Google at least 6 to 8 months to begin trusting and ranking your website.

After seeing this growth, Jackie was motivated to continue with SEO. Even with her office job, she was still able to publish 2 to 4 articles per month (the minimum we recommend).

Growth Period (Months 10 to 15)

Jackie website from March 2021 to Jan 2022

At this point, we had an opening in our SEO service and were able to take on another client. We invited Jackie and she was on board.

We kept to the standard 2 to 4 articles per month and Jackie was relieved she didn’t have to write the articles any longer.

Making Money (Months 16 to Present)

Jackie website google anayltics

After reaching 10,000 pageviews per month, Jackie was happy with the results and set up ads on her website to generate about $400 in passive income per month. To do this, we worked with an ad management company called Ezoic (our recommendation at the time).

She asked us to create another website and SEO plan for her, which we then took to over 5,000 monthly pageviews and another few hundred in income per month (case study coming soon).

We speak occasionally and she’s enjoying the extra income from her sites, which she treats as a bonus and buys treats for her dogs.

She’s currently playing around with the idea of selling the websites, which at the industry standard of 40x the monthly revenue, is about $24,000. Not a bad ROI for an SEO plan.

If you’d like to see what your website or SEO plan would look like, send me an email at tyler@epicranks.com.

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