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Steven Chung
Steven Chung
Tyler’s the best! Communication skills are amazing~ Tyler is very easy to work with. His sense for your needs and what you’re looking for is sharp. I’ve worked with people who are subpar at English and Tyler. There’s no frustrations when dealing with Tyler. He is clear cut and met all deadlines promptly. He’s amazing at what he does and takes great pride in his work. Highly recommended! Thank you Tyler!!
Bobby Grimmett
Bobby Grimmett
I have Great trust through working with Tyler in his ability and knowledge. His understanding of my experience in my field led to an overhaul to the highest degree of my website. He is a very talented designer and has Great foresight in accomplishing whatever the task that is set before him. I Truly recommend Tyler Ziton in all facets of web design!
jacqueline hamel
jacqueline hamel
I highly recommend Tyler's web design and SEO services. Within a few months, he got my site on the first page for related search terms. It's averaged 10k visitors per month for almost 2 years! So satisfied, I just hired his team to build another site this week.
Garrett Grimmett
Garrett Grimmett
Tyler is outstanding to work with. He provides his customers with all the information to make an informed decision and he cares for his clients. If you are optimizing, just starting. or building a web presence, Tyler is your guy.
Alexis Frith
Alexis Frith
Tyler designed my website and got me started with an SEO plan. The site is currently getting over 6,000 visitors per month and a few hundred dollars in ad revenue. I can't recommend him enough. Thanks Tyler!

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Once you have a website, you need an engine to drive traffic. That’s where SEO comes in—it’s the process of getting your business’ website to appear when potential customers search on Google, Bing, and other search engines.

Rank Your Business on Google

Ranking for dying fruit tree
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Get your business in front of your future customers. 85% of retailers say SEO and paid search are the most effective methods for getting new customers.

Free SEO Audit

Expert Keyword Research

SEO Checklist

Drive More Visitors With Our SEO Services

While it takes a little longer, SEO drives 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media—organic social media makes up 5% of a website’s total traffic, while SEO delivers 53%.

Advanced Keyword Research

On-Page & Off-Page Optimizations

Technical & Local SEO Improvements

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Close More Sales With Our SEO Packages

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Close more sales locally and nationally. SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to 1.7% from outbound leads (such as cold calling and billboards). Thats more than 8x.

Affordable SEO Plans

Expert SEO Content Writing

Reporting & Analytics

SEO Services Overview

SEO Audit

Get a free SEO audit for your business. Learn how SEO works, which keywords give your business the best ROI, and  make quick improvements with a take-home SEO checklist.

Keyword Research

Have more customers find your business online with our expert keyword research. We identify optimal gaps for your business to gain a foothold and beat your competitors for valuable keywords.

Content Creation

Grow your website’s visitors with our experienced SEO content creation. We write SEO content for your business to rank for more keywords and convert visitors to customers.

On-Page Optimization

Optimize your website’s pages to rank for your business’ services. Have the proper factors such as relevant title tags, header tags, keywords, and meta descriptions.

Technical SEO

Make sure your business’ website is showing on Google with Technical SEO. We conduct a checklist of technical factors including crawling, indexing, site speed, CWV, HTTPS, and site architecture.

Link Building

Increase your business’ online reputation with our link building strategy. Grow your website’s off-page SEO to gain more domain authority and position your business as the expert in your field.

Local SEO Strategy

Put your business on the map with our local SEO service. Our strategies optimize your website and Google Business Profile to rank ahead of your competitors for local searches.

Expert SEO Tools

Save money and benefit from our suite of industry SEO tools including Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and many others.

Reporting & Analytics

Receive weekly updates on the improvements made and a monthly report of your website’s progress. Gain access to SEO reporting tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Get Started With an Expert SEO Company


You don’t need an SEO plan, but you’ll likely get more business from it. There are over 2 trillion Google searches per year, and quite of few of them are looking for businesses just like yours.

Companies are spending $79 billion on their SEO efforts just to get a small piece of this pie. It’s no wonder 80% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) say they’ll increase or maintain their SEO budget this year (source).

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is like building a car—it requires technical knowledge and a lot of fine-tuning.

In summary, once you have a website, you can make some adjustments to make it more appealing to online searchers and search engines like Google. If done well, Google will “crawl” (scan) your website and index it, listing your website online just like a book at a library. Then, you can further optimize it by listing your services, testimonials, and helpful resources.

Over time, the librarian (Google) will begin to trust your book (website) and see you as an expert in your industry. It’ll then recommend your website to relevant visitors. With continued efforts, businesses can see tens of thousands of potential customers from SEO (we’ve done it many times).

We’ve found our client’s websites bring in between 6,000 to 15,000 visitors per month with our introductory SEO package. Considering the average conversion rate of 14.6%, you’ll have the opportunity to turn many of those visitors into customers.

Keep in mind, there are many factors such as competition, seasonality, website age, content quality, Google algorithm updates, and more. Because of these, it’s not possible to guarantee results. However, we’ve managed an average of 200 visitors per month per SEO article.

For the best chance of success, talk with our team and we’ll walk you through our process. You can see our clients’ SEO performance in our portfolio.

Established sites could see SEO results in as little as 3 months, but the industry average is at least 6-8 months. We’ve seen the same for our own websites. Unlike paid ads and social media, ranking organically on Google is a longer game, but it has more consistent payoffs if performed properly. 

You can definitely do you own SEO, especially if you’re on a budget and have the time. You’ll need to perform tasks such as SEO audits, keyword research, and content creation, as well as on-page, off-page, and technical optimizations.

However, the majority of businesses find a better ROI growing their existing business model, rather than learning a new skill. On top of that, you might not see SEO results for two years, so it’s difficult to know if you’re on the right track. 

Give us a call and pick our brain if you’d like to do your own SEO. We’re more than happy to help out and can point you in the right direction.