screenshot of Alexis' website results on Google Search Console

From 0 to 50,000+ Pageviews in 12 Months: It’s Still Doable in 2024

Featuring Alexis, a customer of Epic Ranks.

When Alexis came to us in October 2022, she had an idea for a travel website. However, she wasn’t sure how to:

  • Build the website
  • Get traffic
  • Monetize the website

12 months later, her website brought in over 50,000 pageviews.

Here’s how she did it.

TimelineNumber of ArticlesResults
Oct 202200 Pageviews
May 2023211,000 Pageviews Per Month
Nov 2023406,000 Pageviews Per Month
screenshot of Alexis' website results on Google Search Console

Starting Out (Months 1-2)

Niche > Categories > Topics

Working together, we first outlined the niche and tested its viability. To do this, we used our Google Trends method and some research. Essentially, we tested to see if the niche had enough search volume and if it was even worth writing about.

Once we confirmed that the niche had enough traffic potential, we developed the site’s categories. For example, a baking website might have categories such as cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or recipes. Categories help break up a website into digestible pieces.

Then, we got even more specific—topics.

We took those categories and found 5-10 topics, or articles, related to each category. For instance, with our baking website example, under the “cookie” category we might have topics such as “how to defrost cookie dough”, “is cookie dough safe to eat”, and “how to store cookie dough”.

The idea is to become an expert on a topic, such as cookies, by answering questions about them and linking the articles to each other. This is called topic clusters and we’ve found it’s an effective and reliable way to get organic visitors from Google.

Once we had 30 highly targeted topics on our list, we were ready to write.


In the beginning, we hired and trained a college student to write for Alexis, but then decided on using a professional writer to produce better content with original research.

We started her website out strong with 10 posts in the first month and then slowed the articles to the standard 2-4 per month.

We continued publishing at this rate, and then, something happened in month 3.

Seeing Progress (Months 3-11)

Alexis' website traffic for January

After the 3rd month, Alexis’ website started to get 3-5 clicks per day, consistently.

Excited, we kept publishing about 2-4 articles per month.

It continued to grow, and by month 7, her website was getting about 30 clicks a day from Google. While that might not sound like much, it’s around 1,000 pageviews per month.

Alexis' website traffic until May

We kept at it and by month 11, her website was getting over 100 clicks a day (over 3,000 pageviews per month).

Alexis' website traffic until September

Making Money (Months 12 to Present)

At about month 12, Alexis decided to monetize her website with display ads.

We worked together to apply to an Ad Management company called She Media. This way we don’t have to do any of the work of managing ad inventory, bidding, or placement.

They accepted her website, and while it took a month or two to set up the ads, they were live.

Her website started making $1 per day, then $3, and some days upwards of $5.

It’s not uncommon for websites like these to go from $5 a day to over $100 a day, using the exact same steps Alexis is already using. The two biggest factors in SEO are quality and consistency.

What’s Next?

Today, Alexis is still publishing a new article about once per week, adding to the compounding growth of her website.

We estimate that by spring, when the travel season picks up, her website will be attracting over 10,000 visitors and over $500 in passive income per month. The investment she made into SEO pays for itself in just one month.

She still reaches out when she has questions about SEO or other marketing such as Facebook, and we’re both excited about her website’s future.

You can see Alexis’ work by visiting

If you’d like to see what your website or SEO plan would look like, send me an email at

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